Tips for Hunting Invisibly

Preparation for your Hunt:

So you get your gear together in your room for your next day trek into the woods, as your wife prepares a great spaghetti and meatball dinner with toasted garlic bread. That wonderful aroma has now permeated your hunting clothes, gear and your skin. A matter of fact tomorrow when you are hunting that great tasting garlic will excrete from your pores like smoke from a chimney. So what do you do? The first thing you do is several days before your hunt, place you hunting clothes on a hanger and hang them outside, away from the furnace exhaust, oven or dryer vent pipes. Let them air out and become part of the natural scent of the nature. Then the day before your hunt, spray them down really well with Invisible Hunter. Next, take those hunting boots and spray them down with your Invisible Hunter and place them somewhere away from household scents and odors, especially pets. I like to put them in a plastic bag until I use them. Lastly, your gear, whether a backpack or fanny pack, that needs to be somewhere outside, a shed, under your porch or even hanging on your clothes line. Best try to keep everything out of the rain if you can. Be sure to spray you pack down with your Invisible Hunter as well. Now that your gear is all clean and fresh, how about you, the hunter?

The day before the big day, you are riddled with excitement as you prepare in your mind the big hunt. Believe it or not your diet is an important part of your hunt. Smelling like garlic bread is the last thing you need. You want to eat healthy, no spicy foods. You also don’t want to consume alcohol, although at many a camp the cold beer is part of the festivities. Alcohol odor will pour from your breath and skin like a stink bomb, so remember little or none is best. Have some chicken and potatoes for dinner. Stay away from those foods and drinks that carry strong odors or create their own issues, such as onions and cabbage and most carbonated beverages too. Flatulence is a common result from consuming some of these things, and all of them will scare away not only the game but your fellow hunters as well!

Now let’s make our own body wash. Buy yourself some 3% hydrogen peroxide from the drug store, it’s inexpensive and will work well. Get yourself an empty jug, like a well-rinsed out milk jug. Pour in about 16 oz. of hydrogen peroxide; add about a ¼ cup of baking soda. Shake the solution, over the sink, it may foam up and may spew out. Once it has settled you have yourself your very own bacteria removing solution. Bacteria is what creates the odor, if you remove that, you remove the odor. When you shower use this solution as your body soap, but be sure to rinse off well. Be sure to use scentless anti-perspirant and never use cologne or aftershave!

How about that nasty hunting morning breath? After I brush my teeth and tongue, yes tongue, as it contains a lot of bacteria, I blend a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and gargle. Sure it’s yucky, but it works great as a gargling solution. Be sure to rinse your mouth out well. You don’t want to have minty-breath, your only date is with your prey, not your woman.

Now it’s time to head out to our favorite hunting spot. If you are driving to your hunting camp, remember not to place your hunting gear and clothes near your cars air freshener, usually the trunk is a good place, but away from any automotive liquids. Your back seat might be too close to your lingering air freshener or contain pet hair and oils, or even last week’s burger and fries from the kids. Before going out to the woods, be sure to spray your clothing, boots (including the bottoms) and gear lightly with Invisible Hunter. If possible, it’s best to carry your outer garments in your back pack rather than wear them, especially if your trek into the woods is long and rough. Be sure to bring your small Invisible Hunter Field Applicator too, you’ll want to use it once your set up in your stand or blind. Now remember, the last thing you want to do is perspire. TAKE YOUR TIME! Don’t rush to your spot with excitement, it will only cause you to sweat and undo all of your tedious preparation. Walk slowly, carefully and take deep breaths, it will help you relax. I like to walk about 50 yards and stop and look around. Be aware of your surroundings, look for tracks, sign, and game. They may be watching you. If you are going to be climbing into a stand, be sure not to exert too much energy. That will only make you perspire. Remember, everything needs to be done slowly and methodically.

Once you have reached your place of choice, get your gear set up for easy access. Not in the leaves where the rustling will make noise, and especially not swinging in the wind where it looks like a flag. Now, take out your Invisible Hunter Field Applicator and spray a light mist over your outer garment, headwear and gloves. Congratulations, you have now become an Invisible Hunter!

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